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Murder, a missing woman, and a sociopath from the past sweep Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus into a labyrinth of mystery and danger in this electrifying new tale of suspense from "New York Times" bestselling author Faye Kellerman... Fifteen years ago, high school senior Chris Whitman went to jail for murdering his girlfriend, Cheryl Diggs. Propelled by a misguided sense of chivalry, he confessed, determined to save another classmate, the beautiful and vulnerable Terry McLaughlin, from having to testify at his trial. When the truth came out, Chris was released from prison, married Terry-pregnant with his child-and changed his last name to Donatti. He also became a professional killer. Peter Decker was the detective on the case, and over the years, he and Terry kept in touch. Now his friend is in L. A. and asking for a favor. Though Decker knows full well that getting involved will bring Terry's sociopathic husband back into his life, the obsessive and duty-bound LAPD...

Издательство: "HarperCollins" (2010)

Формат: 110x175, 432 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-00-792614-5

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Faye Kellerman

Faye Kellerman (born 1952 in St. Louis) is an American author of mystery novels, in particular the "Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus" series, as well as three non-series books, "The Quality of Mercy", "Moon Music" and "Straight into Darkness".

She attended UCLA where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theoretical Mathematics in 1974. Four years later she received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree. At that time she "fully intended to pursue a career as a dentist". Despite her intention, she has never practiced dentistry and was a full-time mother before publishing her first novel. In a 1997 essay she says she can't pinpoint the metamorphosis from oral hygienist to writer of detective fiction, but several factors that steered her toward mystery writing were: "a desire for justice, a suspicious nature, an overactive imagination, and, or course, a penchant for the bizarre." [Kellerman, Faye, essay in "Small Miracles: Extraordinary Coincidences from Everyday Life", Adams Media Corporation, 1997, ISBN 1-55850-646-2.]

Kellerman is a practicing Orthodox Jew, as is her husband, the novelist Jonathan Kellerman. Her writing frequently deals with Jewish themes and characters, incorporating them into the framework of the traditional mystery. The Peter Decker books, for example, center on a police detective raised as a Southern Baptist who returns to his Jewish roots after falling in love with Rina Lazarus, an Orthodox Jew, while investigating a rape that took place near a yeshiva.

The Kellermans are the only married couple ever to appear on the "New York Times" bestseller list simultaneously (for two different books). They have four children and live in Los Angeles, California. She is also the mother of novelist and playwright, Jesse Kellerman.


The Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus series

# "The Ritual Bath" (1986)
# "Sacred and Profane" (1987)
# "Milk and Honey" (1990)
# "Day of Atonement" (1991)
# "False Prophet" (1992)
# "Grievous Sin" (1993)
# "Sanctuary" (1994)
# "Justice" (1995)
# "Prayers for the Dead" (1996)
# "A Serpent's Tooth" (1997)
# "Jupiter's Bones" (1999)
# "Stalker" (2000)
# "The Forgotten" (2001)
# "Stone Kiss" (2002)
# "Street Dreams" (2003)
# "The Burnt House" (2007)
# "The Mercedes Coffin" aka "Cold Case" (2008)

Other novels

*"The Quality of Mercy" (1989)
*"Moon Music" (1998)
*"Stalker" (2000) - features Cynthia Decker

*"Double Homicide" (2004) - written with Jonathan Kellerman
*"Straight Into Darkness" (2005)
*"The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights" (2006)
*"Capital Crimes" (2006) - written with Jonathan Kellerman

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