Книга: Emma Donoghue «Room»


SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2010 MAN BOOKER PRIZESHORTLISTED FOR THE 2011 ORANGE PRIZE FOR FICTIONJack is five. He lives with his Ma. They live in a single, locked room. They don't have the key. Jack and Ma are prisoners.

Издательство: "Picador" (2010)

Формат: 125x195, 416 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-330-51902-1

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Emma Donoghue

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name = Emma Donoghue
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birthdate = birth date and age|1969|10|24
birthplace = Dublin, Ireland
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occupation = novelist, short story writer, playwright, literary historian
nationality = Irish
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website = http://www.emmadonoghue.com

Emma Donoghue is an Irish-born playwright, literary historian and novelist now living in Canada. Her novel "Hood" (1995) won the Stonewall Book Award and "Slammerkin" (2000) won the Ferro-Grumley Award for Lesbian Fiction. Her most recent collection of short stories, "Touchy Subjects" was published in 2006. Her latest novel, "Landing" (2007) portrays a long-distance relationship between a Canadian curator and an Irish flight attendant.

Emma Donoghue is considered one of the 'Four' - along with Jeanette Winterson, Sarah Waters and Ali Smith - of British/European-born lesbian writers who have been steadily energizing and creating mainstream interest in gay/lesbian literature.Fact|date=February 2007


Emma Donoghue was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1969.cite web |url= [http://www.emmadonoghue.com/bio.htm |title=Emma Donoghue | accessdate=2008-09-02] The youngest of eight children, she has a first-class honours BA from University College Dublin (in English and French) and a PhD (English) from the University of Cambridge. Her father is the academic literary critic Denis Donoghue. [ [http://www.knittingcircle.org.uk/emmadonoghue.html Knitting Circle Emma Donoghue ] ] . While in Cambridge she lived in a women's co-op, an experience which inspired her short story 'The Welcome' (collected in "Touchy Subjects"). In 1998 she settled in Canada in London, Ontario, where she continues to live with her lover and their two children.


* "Stir Fry" (1994)
* "Hood" (1995)
* "Slammerkin" (2000)
* "Life Mask" (2004)
* "Landing" (2007)
* "The Sealed Letter" (2008)

hort story collections

* "Kissing the Witch" (1997)
* "The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits" (2002)
* "Touchy Subjects" (2006)

Drama (Stage)

* "I Know My Own Heart" (1993) (published 2001)
* "Ladies and Gentlemen" (1996) (published 1998)
* "Don't Die Wondering" (2005)
* "Kissing The Witch" (2000)

Drama (Radio)

* "Trespasses" (1996)
* "Don't Die Wondering" (2000)
* "Exes" (2001)
* "Humans and Other Animals" (2003)
* "Mix" (2003)


* "Pluck" (2001)

Literary History

* "Passions Between Women: British Lesbian Culture 1668-1801" (1993)
* "We Are Michael Field" (1998)

Works edited

* "What Sappho Would Have Said" (1997)
* "The Mammoth Book Of Lesbian Short Stories" (1999)

External links

* [http://www.emmadonoghue.com Official site]


Источник: Emma Donoghue

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