Книга: «The Iranian Journal of International Affairs»

The Iranian Journal of International Affairs

Founded in 1983, the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) seeks to conduct research, encourage discussion, and contribute to an informed understanding of international issues. As a catalyst for the exchange of divergent views and an educational forum in collaboration with universities and research institutes throughout the world, IPIS fosters and disseminates information on political, economic, strategic, legal and cultural topics. To exhort open debate on contemporary international developments, IPIS organizes seminars and conferences both at the Institute and at other scholarly forums. Lectures and discussions are published under the rubric of "Seminar Reports," while research findings are disseminated in the form of books, articles and occasional papers. The Journal of Foreign Policy, the Institute's Persian quarterly, and The Iranian Journal of International Affairs are collections of articles acquainting a broad audience of readers with the...

Издательство: "The Institute for Political and International studies" (1993)

Формат: 165x240, 288 стр.

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