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There But for the

Ali Smith, twice shortlisted for both the Man Booker and the Orange Prizes, is back with the sparkling There but for the. There once was a man who, one night between the main course and the sweet at a dinner party, went upstairs and locked himself in one of the bedrooms of the house of the people who were giving the dinner party. As time passes by and the consequences of this stranger's actions ripple outwards, touching the owners, the guests, the neighbours and the whole country, so Ali Smith draws us into a beautiful, strange place where everyone is so much more than they at first appear. There but for the has been hailed as one of the best books of 2011 by Jeanette Winterson, A. S. Byatt, Patrick Ness, Sebastian Barry, Boyd Tonkin, Erica Wagner and Nick Barley. Dazzlingly inventive' A. S. Byatt Whimsically devastating. Playful, humorous, serious, profoundly clever and profoundly affecting' Guardian A real gem' Erica Wagner, The Times Eccentric,...

Издательство: "Penguin Books Ltd." (2012)

Формат: 130x200, 384 стр.

ISBN: 9780141025193, 978-0-141-02519-3

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Ali Smith

Ali Smith is a writer, born in 1962 in Inverness, Scotland, to working-class parents. She was raised in a council house in Inverness and now lives in Cambridge. She studied at Aberdeen, and then at Cambridge, for a Ph.D. that was never finished. In a 2004 interview with writing magazine "Mslexia", she talked briefly about the difficulty of becoming ill with chronic fatigue syndrome for a year and how it forced her to give up her job as a lecturer at University of Strathclyde to focus on what she really wanted to do: writing. Openly gay, she has been with her partner Sarah Wood for 20 years.

hort story collections

*"The Whole Story and Other Stories (2003)"
*"Other Stories and Other Stories (1999)"
*"Free Love and Other Stories (1995)", awarded the Saltire First Book of the Year award.


*"Girl Meets Boy" (2007), winner of Diva Magazine readers’ choice Book of the Year
*"The Accidental" (2005), shortlisted for the 2005 Man Booker Prize, the Orange Prize for Fiction, and won the 2005 Whitbread Novel of the Year award.
*"Hotel World (2001)", awarded the Encore Award, a Scottish Arts Council Book Award and the inaugural Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year Award. Shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction and the Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Recently adapted to the stage by Kidbrooke secondary school and performed at Greenwich Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007.
*"Like (1997)".

Other projects

Ali Smith partnered with the Scottish band Trashcan Sinatras and wrote the lyrics to a song called "Half An Apple", a simple, bittersweet love song about keeping half an apple spare for a loved one who is gone.

"Half An Apple" was released on March 5th, 2007, in the album "Ballads of the Book", a collaboration between some of Scotland’s top contemporary writers and poets, and established and upcoming Scottish musicians. It's a project originally set up by Roddy Woomble of Idlewild, while corresponding with poet Edwin Morgan. Woomble got independent record label Chemikal Underground onboard, and received enthusiastic support of the Scottish Arts Council.

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