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Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters

Ignorance is not bliss. It is the alien invader's greatest advantage. Tales of unearthly beings have long circulated among us, from legends of intelligent life on Earth before Homo Sapiens to conspiracy theories about what really happened at the Battle of Canary Wharf. But the truth is that alien life exists– and here, at last, is proof. Based on exclusive access to classified government files, The Secret Lives of Monsters collects evidence that has been suppressed for centuries–notes from clandestine meetings, reports of eyewitness accounts, never-before-seen images and documents, secrets providedby a mysterious agent known only as "the Doctor", and more. It reveals all we know about aliens who are already here, and provides essential information to survive future invasions. So don't panic. You are not weaponless. The Secret Lives of Monsters will give you the greatest weapon of all: knowledge.

Издательство: "BBC Books" (2014)

Формат: 195x250, 288 стр.

ISBN: 9781849907705, 978-1-849-90770-5

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Justin Richards

Justin Richards is a British writer. He has written many spin off novels based on the BBC science fiction television series "Doctor Who", and he is Creative Director for the BBC Books range.

He has also written for television, contributing to Five's soap opera "Family Affairs". He is also the author of a series of crime novels for children about the Invisible Detective, and novels for older children. His "Doctor Who" novel "The Burning" was placed sixth in the Top 10 of SFX magazine's "Best SF/Fantasy novelisation or TV tie-in novel" category of 2000.


*Virgin New Adventures
** "Theatre of War" (1994)
** "Dragons' Wrath" (1997)
** "The Medusa Effect" (1998)
** "Tears of the Oracle" (1999)
** "The Joy Device" (1999)

*Virgin Missing Adventures
** "System Shock" (1995)
** "The Sands of Time" (1996)

*Bernice Summerfield
** "The Doomsday Manuscript" (2000)

*Past Doctor Adventures
** "Dreams of Empire" (1998)
** "Millennium Shock" (1999)
** "Grave Matter" (2000)
** "The Shadow in the Glass" (2001) (with Stephen Cole)

*Eighth Doctor Adventures
** "Option Lock" (1998)
** "Demontage" (1999)
** "The Banquo Legacy" (2000) (with Andy Lane)
** "The Burning" (2000)
** "Time Zero" (2002)
** "Sometime Never..." (2004)

*New Series Adventures
** "The Clockwise Man" (2005)
** "The Deviant Strain" (2005)
** "The Resurrection Casket" (2006)
** "Martha in the Mirror" (2008)

**"Freeze-Framed" (2007)
**"Rewind Assassin" (2007)
**"Past Forward" (February 2008 Not yet published)
**"Wipe Out" (June 2008 Not yet published)

Doctor Who reference works

* "The Book of Lists" (1997)
* "The Legend" (2003)
* "Monsters And Villains" (2005)
* "The Legend Continues" (2005)
* "Aliens and Enemies" (2006)
* "Creatures and Demons" (2007)
* "Starships and Spacestations" (2008)

Audio plays

* "Whispers of Terror" (1999)
* "Red Dawn" (2000)
* "Dragons' Wrath" (2000)
* "The Time of the Daleks" (2002)
* "" (2004)
* "" (2005)
* "" (2006)

The Invisible Detective

# "The Paranormal Puppet Show" ("Double Life" in America)
# "Shadow Beast"
# "Ghost Soldiers"
# "Killing Time"
# "The Faces of Evil"
# "Web of Anubis"
# "Stage Fright"
# "Legion of the Dead"

Other Novels

* "The Death Collector (A story about an adolescent pickpocket and how he uncovers an ancient secret through stealing from the wrong person. Introduces the British Museum's secret Department of Unclassified Artefacts)" (2006)
* "The Chaos Code(A story about a boy searching for his father and lost treasure)" (2007)
* "The Parliament of Blood (A follow-up to The Death Collector)" (To be published in 2008)

Jesse Villalobos was here

External links

* [ Interview with Richards on the BBC "Doctor Who" website]
* [ "The Sands of Time" e-book on the BBC website]
* [ The Official Invisible Detective website]
* [ The Official Time Runners website]
* [ Website that covers Justin's fiction for young adults]

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