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Y: The Last Man: Book 5

Серия: "Y: The Last Man"

In this final deluxe edition, Yorick and Agent 355 prepare for their ultimate quest to reunite the last man with his lost love, while the person, people or thing behind the disaster that wiped out half of humanity is revealed. Then, Yorick Brown’s long journey through an Earth populated only by women comes to a dramatic, unexpected conclusion.

Издательство: "Vertigo" (2011)

ISBN: 9781401230517, 1401230512

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Brian K. Vaughan

Infobox Writer
name = Brian K. Vaughan

imagesize = 140px
birthdate = 1976
birthplace = Cleveland, Ohio
occupation = Comic Book Writer, Playwright, Screenwriter
nationality = American
website =
notableworks = "Pride of Baghdad"
"Ex Machina"

Brian Keller Vaughan (born 1976, Cleveland, Ohio) is an American comic book and television writer. He is best known for the comic book series "", "Ex Machina", "Runaways", and "Pride of Baghdad", and as one of the principal writers of the television series "Lost" beginning with its third season.


Early life and career

As an undergraduate film student at New York University, Vaughan took part in Marvel's Stan-hattan Project, a class for fledgling comic book writers that also helped Joe Kelly break into comic books. Vaughan's first credit was "Cable" #43 (May 1997).

Later career

Vaughan has written most of the major DC and Marvel characters, including Batman and the X-Men. He has also written several screenplays, stage plays, and short stories, although he prefers writing comic books. He has stated in an interview with [ [ Brian Bendis interviews Brian K. Vaughan] ] that he prefers to write his own creations like "" and "Ex Machina" because he doesn't think he's the best at using his "voice" with company-owned characters.

Awards and nominations

*Eisner Award (2008) for Best Series (along with artists Pia Guerra and José Marzán Jr.) for "Y: The Last Man".
*Eisner Award (2005) for Best Writer, for his work on "Y: The Last Man", "Runaways", "Ex Machina" and Marvel's "Ultimate X-Men", and for Best New Series (along with artists Tony Harris and Tom Feister) for "Ex Machina".

* Nominated for five Eisners in 2006: Best Writer; Best Single Issue, Best Serialized Story and Best Continuing Series for "Ex Machina"; and Best Serialized Story for "Y: The Last Man". [ [ The 2006 Eisner Awards: 2006 Master Nominations List] , [ Blog@Newsarama: Comic-Con: 2006 Eisner Award Winners] ]

* "Comic's Best Writer" (2006), "Wizard" magazine.

Selected bibliography

Marvel Comics

*"411" #2
*"Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty" #5, 7
*"Dr Strange: The Oath"
*"Ka-Zar Annual '97" (1997) (first Marvel Comics work)
*"Logan" #1-3
*"Mystique" #1-13
*"Runaways (Vol. 1)" #1-18, (Vol. 2)" #1-24
*"Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure" #1-5
*"The Hood" #1-6
*"Ultimate X-Men" #46-65, Annual #1
*"Wha...Huh?" #1
*"What If" #112
*"Wolverine" #131
*"X-Men Icons: Cyclops" #1-4
*"X-Men Icons: Chamber" #1-4
*"X-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Wolverine"

DC Comics / Vertigo / Wildstorm

*"Batman" #588-590
*"" (back-up)
*"Detective Comics" #787
*"Ex Machina" #1-present (as of January 2008; scheduled to conclude at #50)
*"Ex Machina Special Edition" #1-2
*"Ex Machina Masquerade Special
*"Green Lantern and Adam Strange" #1
*"Green Lantern and the Atom" #1
*"" #1-2
*"JLA Annual" #4
*"Midnighter" #7
*"Pride of Baghdad"
*"Sins of Youth: Secret Files & Origins" #1
*"Sins of Youth: Wonder Girls" #1
*"Superman Annual" #12
*"Swamp Thing (Vol. 3)" #1-20
*"Titans" #14
*"Vertigo Secret Files & Origins: Swamp Thing" #1
*"" #3
*"Wonder Woman vol. 2," #160-161
*"Young Justice" #22
*"" #1-60

Dark Horse Comics

* "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight" #6-9: No Future for You arc
* "The Escapists" #1-6
* "Michael Chabon Presents: The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist" (anthology) #8. Vaughan's story was reprinted as "The Escapists" #1.
* "Michael Chabon Presents: The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist" (anthology) #3. Entitled "To Reign in Hell."

Other works


* "Lost" (2006-present) [ [ "Newsarama" (Dec. 20, 2006): "Brian K. Vaughan Joins Writing Staff of "Lost"] (cites [ Vaughn's blog] )]
**3.17 - "Catch-22" – April 18, 2007 (with Jeff Pinkner)
*** #3 (PC #101) – "King of the Castle" – November 20, 2007
*** Missing Piece #5 (PC #106) – "Operation: Sleeper" – December 3, 2007
** 4.02 - "Confirmed Dead" – February 7, 2008 (with Drew Goddard)
** 4.08 - "Meet Kevin Johnson" – March 20, 2008 (with Elizabeth Sarnoff)
** 4.09 - "The Shape of Things to Come" - April 24, 2008 (with Drew Goddard)


*"Y: The Last Man" (screenplay) [ [ "IGN" (March 2, 2007): "WonderCon 07: Vaughan, The Last Man", by Richard George] ]
* "Ex Machina" [ [ "Newsarama" (Aug. 2, 2005): "Brian K. Vaughan on "Ex Machina" 's Movie News", by Matt Brady] ]
* "Runaways" [ [ Marvel Studios to Adapt Runaways - Superhero Hype! ] ]



* [ Brian K. Vaughan Web Site]
* [ Newsarama (Aug. 2006) interview with Brian K. Vaughan]
* [ Newsarama (Sept. 2006) interview with Brian K. Vaughan]
* [ September 2006] Comic Book Resources interview with Brian K. Vaughan

External links

* [ Brian K. Vaughan] at the Internet Movie Database

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