Book: Daniel Nanavati «Ruzniel Vol 2 The End of the Universe»

Ruzniel Vol 2 The End of the Universe

The great battle between universes, fought across all time, finds a precious few standing against Crilodach. The success or failure of the strategy of the Sangyma rest upon their final, high resolve. Trecrogo holds firm with a secret purpose yet to be activated. Mojolo stands proud. The cockroach army are preparing for battle. The dragon brothers are bringing a Sagit? to Zaqui. But Crilodach has Its own surprises and, as space collapses, It becomes even more deadly, ever more focussed and every second more determined. Brilliantly illustrated by Jennika Bastian, this fantasy will change childhood forever, In Two Volumes: Volume 1 - The Laws of Magic Volume 2 - The End of the Universe

Издательство: "Книга по Требованию" (2014)

ISBN: 9781908867759

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