Book: «Хорст Хеменн. Вертикальный Париж»

Хорст Хеменн. Вертикальный Париж

This pictorial tribute to one of the world`s most beautiful and romantic cities offers a unique introduction to the "City of Light" . Award-winning photographer Horst Hamann used a panoramic camera to painstakingly set up shot after shot, often finding himself precariously balanced off Notre Dame`s gargoyles, the balconies of the Pompidou Center-even the Eiffel Tower. His efforts have produced an astonishing array of images, stark black and white compositions that lend these photographs a dramatic, often dreamlike quality, and offer unique, vertical reinterpretations of some of Europe`s most recognizable cityscapes.

Издательство: "te Neues" (2010)

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