Book: «Лорд Сноудон. Портфолио»

Лорд Сноудон. Портфолио

Серия: "Stern Fotografie"

Lord Snowdon is one of the defining photographers of the last 50 years. Married to Princess Margaret from 1960 to 1978, Lord Snowdon’s subjects include not only royals and aristocrats, but also other celebrities and people from all walks of life around the world. Marked by his clarity of approach and sympathetic humanity, his work is as varied and captivating as it is technically accomplished. A comprehensive retrospective ofhis illustrious career, this Stern Portfolio is designed in a handsome new hardcover format.

Издательство: "te Neues" (2010)

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АвторКнигаОписаниеГодЦенаТип книги
Lord SnowdonStern Portfolio Nr. 52. Lord SnowdonЛорд Сноудон - известнейший фотограф последних 50 лет. Будучи женат на Принцессе Маргарет с 1960 до 1978, лорд Сноудон снимает не только членов королевской семьи и аристократии, но также и людей не… — teNeues, (формат: 270 x 360мм, 96 стр.) Подробнее...
2180бумажная книга

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