Книга: Russell Stannard «Relativity: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)»

Relativity: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

If you move at high speed, time slows down, space squashes up and you get heavier. Travel fast enough and you could weigh as much as a jumbo jet, be flattened thinner than a CD without feeling a thing-and live forever! As for the angles of a triangle, they do not always have to add up to 180 degrees. And then, of course, there are black holes. These are but a few of the extraordinary consequences of Einstein's theory of relativity. It is now over a hundred years since he made these discoveries, and yet the general public is still largely unaware of them. Filled with illuminating anecdotes and fascinating accounts of experiments, this book aims to introduce the interested lay person to the subject of relativity in a way which is accessible and engaging and at the same time scientifically rigorous. With relatively few mathematical equations--nothing more complicated than the Pythagoras's Theorem--this VSI packs a lot time into very little space, and for anyone who has felt intimidated...

ISBN: 0199236224

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Russell Stannard

Russell Stannard is Professor Emeritus of Physics at the Open University. In 1986 he was awarded the Templeton Project Trust Award for ‘significant contributions to the field of spiritual values; in particular for contributions to greater understanding of science and religion’. He was awarded the OBE for ‘contributions to physics, the Open University, and the popularisation of science’ (1998) and the The Bragg Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics for ‘distinguished contributions to the teaching of physics’ (1999). Stannard is also a sculptor; two of his pieces were until recently on display in the main quadrangle of the Open University site at Milton Keynes.


* studied Physics at University College London earning a B.Sc. (Special Physics) (1953); followed by Ph.D in cosmic ray physics (1956).
* 1960-69 Lecturer, UCL
* 1969-71 Reader, Open University
* 1971-97 Professor of Physics, Open University.
* 1971-92 Head of the Physics Department, Open University
* 1974-76 Pro-Vice Chancellor, Open University
* 1987-88 Visiting Fellow, Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, USA.
* 1987-91 Vice President of the Institute of Physics.
* 1993-99 Trustee of the John Templeton Foundation.
* 1999-present Emeritus Professor of Physics, Open University.


Stannard is a scientist who is also a religious believer.

cience and Religion

* Science and the Renewal of Belief
* Grounds for Reasonable Belief
* Doing Away With God
* Science and Wonders
* contributed chapters to Evidence of Purpose, How Large is God?, and Spiritual Evolution.
* The God Experiment, Faber/HiddenSpring 1999 based on his Gifford Lectures

Childrens Books

11 Children's' books including
* the Uncle Albert trilogy (The Time and Space of Uncle Albert, Black Holes and Uncle Albert, and Uncle Albert and the Quantum Quest)
* An update of George Gamow's classic Mr Tomkins
* The Curious History of God
* Our Physical Universe
* Virtutopia


* Biography at ["http://www.meta-library.net/bio/stann-body.html"]

External links

* [http://www.giffordlectures.org/Author.asp?AuthorID=214 Gifford Lectures biography page on Russell Stannard]

Источник: Russell Stannard

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