Книга: Wil Mara «Triceratops (Rookie Read-About Dinosaurs)»

Triceratops (Rookie Read-About Dinosaurs)

With its three horns and distinctive head frill, triceratops is one of the most recognizable of all dinosaur species. Readers will learn how this amazing animal lived, from how it used its fearsome horns to what it looked like and what it ate. What kid isn't fascinated by dinosaurs? From the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex to the plant-eating Stegosaurus, Rookie Read-About Dinosaurs will fill your need for all things dinosaur. Simple, engaging text and action-packed pictures reveal what dinosaurs looked like, what they ate, how they behaved, and lots more.

ISBN: 0531209318

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Wil Mara

Wil Mara (born November 30, 1966 an American author of more than eighty books,[1] covering a variety of topics and genres for people of all ages. He has produced works of both fiction and nonfiction, including numerous biographies for young readers, plus several novels for adults. One, Wave, which was released in 2005, chronicles a coastal island community's reaction to an oncoming tsunami.[2] The book eventually became a critical and commercial success, winning the 2005 New Jersey Notable Book Award[3] and establishing Mara as a valid author of popular international fiction. In October 2006, St. Martin's Press published The Draft, the first in Mara's series of 'NFL novels.'[4][5] The second book in this group, The Cut, was published on October 16, 2007.


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