Книга: Maria Wilhelm&Dirk Mathison «James Cameron's "Avatar" : An Activist Survival Guide»

James Cameron's "Avatar" : An Activist Survival Guide

Field notes and other data from the Resources Development Administration's xenobiological research and scientific labs have been compiled as a guide to the many unique aspects of the moon Pandora. This report details Pandora's alien ecosystem; its mining mother lode and topography; its flora and fauna; and the culture, language, and physiology of the native population, the aggressive hunter-gatherer race called the Na'vi. Exceedingly profitable, Pandora provides challenges to successful exploration and extraction. From its gravity-defying Hallelujah Mountains to its gargantuan natural Stone Arches, and from the small but venomous hellfire wasp to the gigantic carnivorous thanator, Pandora poses continual dangers to RDA aerial - and ground-forces daily. Also included in this manual highly confidential and detailed descriptions of RDA technology and weapons systems, deployed to suppress the indigenous hostiles and defend employees against the dangerous Pandoran environment.

Издательство: "It Books" (2009)

Формат: 150x230, 206 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-06-189675-0

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