Электронная книга: John Campbell «Travels in South Africa. Vol. 1»

Travels in South Africa. Vol. 1

Полный вариант заголовка: «Travels in South Africa : Vol. 1 : undertaken at the request of the London Missionary sSciety : being a narrative of a second journey in the interior of that country : with a map and coloured prints / by the Rev. John Campbell».

Издательство: "Библиотечный фонд" (1822)

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John Campbell

John Campbell is the name of:__NOTOC__

British political figures

* John Campbell, 1st Earl of Loudoun (1598-1662)
* John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll (1680–1743)
* John Campbell of Cawdor (1695–1777), minor British politician
* John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll (1723–1806)
* John Campbell, 1st Baron Campbell (1779–1861), Lord Chancellor of England
* John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll (1845–1914)
* John Campbell (Scottish politician) (c. 1660– 1729)
* John Campbell (Northern Irish politician) (1862–1929), Member of the Northern Ireland Parliament
* John Campbell (Irish politician) (born 1870), Member of the United Kingdom Parliament from Ireland

*John Campbell, 1st Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (1635–1717)
*John Campbell, 2nd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (1662–1752)
*John Campbell, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (1692–1782)
*John Campbell, 1st Marquess of Breadalbane, 4th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (1762–1834)
*John Campbell, 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane, 5th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (1796–1862)
*John Alexander Gavin Campbell, 6th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (1824–1871)
*John Romer Boreland Campbell, 10th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (1919–1995)

British military and naval personnel

* John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun (1705–1782), General in North America
* John Campbell, of Kirkbean (c. 1720-1790), Captain, Royal Navy
* John Campbell, of Strachur (1723-1806), General at Pensacola
* John Campbell, of Stonefield (1753–1784), Lieutenant-Colonel at Mangalore
* Sir John Campbell, of Chatham (1780-1863), Lieutenant-Colonel, later Lieutenant-General of the Portuguese Army
* John Campbell (1798-1871), Lieutenant-General, commanded Beauharnois district during rebellion in Canada 1838
* Sir John Nicholl Robert Campbell, 2nd Baronet (1799-1870), Captain, Madras Army, chargé d'affaires in Persia to 1860
* Sir John Campbell, of Kingsburgh (1802-1878), General, Madras Army, suppressed human sacrifice among the Khonds of Orissa
* Sir John Campbell, of Ava, 2nd Baronet (1807-1855), Major-General, killed in attack upon the Redan
* John Francis Glencairn Campbell (1810-1870), Lieutenant-General
* Sir John William Campbell, 1st Baronet (1836–1915), Major-General, R.A., served in Crimea, China, Afghan War, Zhob Valley
* John Hasluck Campbell ("d." 1921), Brigadier-General, served N.W. Frontier of India
* Sir John Campbell (1871-1941), Major-General, First World War
* John Vaughan Campbell (1876-1944), Brigadier-General, First World War, ADC to the King 1919-38
* John Charles Campbell (1894–1942), Major-General, known by the nickname "Jock"

United States political figures

* John Campbell (Kentucky) (c. 1735–1799), Kentucky state senator
* John Campbell (1765–1828), United States congressman from Maryland
* John Campbell (U.S. Treasurer), Treasurer of the United States
* John Campbell (1795–1845), United States congressman from South Carolina
* John Campbell (US Ambassador) (born 1944), American diplomat
* John Archibald Campbell (1811–1889), United States Supreme Court justice
* John Hull Campbell (1800–1868), United States congressman from Pennsylvania
* John G. Campbell (1827–1903), United States territorial delegate from Arizona
* John P. Campbell, Jr. (1820-1888), United States congressman from Kentucky
* John B. T. Campbell III (born 1955), United States congressman from California
* John W. Campbell (congressman) (1782-1833), United States congressman from Ohio

Canadian political figures

* John Campbell (governor) (c.1720–1790), Commodore Governor for Newfoundland
* John Campbell (Nova Scotia politician), 19th Century Conservative member of the Canadian Parliament from Nova Scotia
* John Campbell (Quebec politician) (born 1936), 20th Century Liberal member of the Canadian Parliament from Quebec
* John A. Campbell (Manitoba politician) (1872–1963), Manitoba politician


* John Campbell (athlete), New Zealand athlete
*John Campbell (footballer born 1870), Sunderland and Newcastle United forward
*John Campbell (footballer born 1872), Celtic and Aston Villa forward
*John Campbell (footballer born 1877), Blackburn Rovers and Rangers forward
*John Campbell (footballer born 1894), Tranmere Rovers half-back
*John Campbell (footballer born 1901), West Ham United forward
*John Campbell (footballer born 1910), Leicester City and Lincoln City forward
*Johnny Campbell (born 1923), Fulham wing forward
*John Campbell (footballer born 1928), Gateshead wing forward
* John Campbell (football player), American football player
* John Campbell (rower) (1899–1939), British rower and Olympic silver medalist
* John Campbell (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer
* John Campbell (wrestler), Professional wrestler

Other people

* John Campbell (bassist) (born 1972), American musician, bassist for Lamb of God
* John Campbell (author) (1708–1775), Scottish author
* John Campbell (blues guitarist), Blues guitarist
* John Campbell (Falkirk), Scottish baron and businessman who settled in Falkirk
* John Campbell (London clergyman), Mid-19th century minister of Whitefield's Tabernacle, Moorfields, London
* John Campbell (St Vincent), Lt-Governor of St Vincent 1845–1853
* John Campbell (harness racing driver) (born 1955), Canadian harness racing driver
* John Campbell (snooker player), Australian snooker player
* John Campbell (horse trainer), Thoroughbred horse trainer
* John Campbell (philosopher), Philosopher
* John Campbell (broadcaster) (born 1964), Television personality in New Zealand
* John Campbell (jazz pianist), Jazz pianist
* John Campbell (banker), Banker, founder of what became Coutts & Co
* John C. Campbell (1867–1919), American educator known for surveying life in the Appalachians
* John Edward Campbell (1862–1924), Mathematician credited for the Campbell-Hausdorff formula
* John H. Campbell, Councillor for Doboy Ward in the Brisbane City Council in Australia
* Sir John Logan Campbell (1817–1912), prominent figure in the history of Auckland, New Zealand
* John W. Campbell (New York) (1880–1957), Millionaire American financier
* John W. Campbell (1910–1971), Editor of "Analog Science Fiction and Fact"
* John Y. Campbell (born 1958), Professor of economics at Harvard University
* John Campbell (biographer), British political biographer
* John Campbell, author of the webcomic pictures for sad children

ee also

* Jack Campbell (disambiguation)
* Jonathan Campbell, British theologian and lecturer

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