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Ukrainian Phrasebook

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Wherever you go in Ukraine, you'll soon be mingling with the locals. Packed with phrases on everything from bargaining at a rynok to hiking and eating out, this book with spice up your Ukrainian adventure. Order your borshch in the local language, navigate the bustling streets of cosmopolitan Kyiv or try your hand at ice fishing. Whether bathing in culture or the Black Sea, Ukraine will deliver In This Guide: Get to know the local customs - a toast calls for downing your horilka in one gulp Discover a world of words on traditional dance and folk music. Experience the dazzling nightlife - talk your way into places-to-be. Decipher Cyrillic script on train tickets, street signs and menus. Kick conversational goals with Dynamo Kyiv soccer fans. Learn the language with easy-to-use grammar and pronunciation.

Издательство: "Lonely Planet" (2002)

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Ukrainian PhrasebookPacked with phrases on everything - bargaining at a rynok, hiking, eating out - this book will spice up your Ukrainian adventure. Whether bathing in culture or the Black Sea, speak the language and… — @Lonely Planet Publications, @(формат: 95x140, 288 стр.) @ @ @ Подробнее...2002
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