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Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary powered by Skyscape Publisher: W. B. Saunders - An Elsevier Health Sciences Company A great medical dictionary! Based on the "gold standard" of the medical community, Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary covers the must-know vocabulary, including 2800 new terms. All anatomy terms reflect the new Terminologia Anatomica, and 500 new drug terms reflect the 2000 editions of the USP and PDR.

Издательство: "Elsevier" (2008)

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Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary (+ CD-ROM)Since 1898, Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary has continuously maintained the standard as the world's most convenient, user-friendly, portable reference on medical terminology. Thoroughly revised… — Elsevier, Dorland's Medical Dictionary Подробнее...2008
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