Book: Coulman Laura «Lady Gaga. Strange and Beautiful. The Fabulous Style of Lady Gaga»

Lady Gaga. Strange and Beautiful. The Fabulous Style of Lady Gaga

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Back in 2005, struggling songstress Stefani Germanotta– half-crazed from hunger and one bad trip – reinvented herself as Lady Gaga, a fearless, attention-craving alter-ego determined to write and wear whatever she pleased. Once unleashed, Gaga’s arsenal of jaw-dropping, eye-catching looks changed the face of pop culture forever, inspiring reverence and revulsion in equal measures. Showcasing each of her most compelling looks – from glinting space suits to frothy lace fancies to glitter-bone corsets to blood-stained ensembles fresh from the abattoir – this book pays tribute to Gaga’s own unbridled form of self-expression. Lavishly illustrated with more than 70 colour photos, Strange and Beautiful reveals the real Lady Gaga in all her glory, exploring every element of Gaga’s inimitable sense of style, as well as her unstoppable influence on the world of design. The ultimate tribute to the fashion chameleon, this is the read that dares to be different.

Издательство: "Plexus" (2011)

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