Book: Dahmane Nicholas «Dahmane. Addicted to Nudes»

Dahmane. Addicted to Nudes

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Dahmane has been passionately devoted to nude photography for more than 25 years, with his last two offerings Dressed Nudes and Erotic Sessions out of print and greatly sought-after. Dahmane is now inviting us to join him on an "erotic journey of digital visions." He has put down his Leica, and taken up digital technology. His work transcends the barriers and limitations of analogue photography and focuses on aesthetics, graphics, and eroticism. Dahmane’s fondness for architecture and the female nude, combined with the possibilities of Photoshop, enable naked or half-naked models to appear in a variety of striking cityscapes. Dahmane has broken free from the myriad limitations of nude outdoor photography, and given his imagination and perfectionism completely free reign. He creates pictures that make an absolutely realistic, if somewhat surreal, impression, but this is deceptive. We see scantily clad models lying in snow, surrounded by hoards of crocodiles, posing in an ordinary corselet in the streets of Warsaw or Los Angeles, or completely naked in Dubrovnik Cathedral. Dahmane’s work is full of surprises and casts a spell. We invite you to accompany him on his erotic journey.

Издательство: "Marston Book Services" (2008)

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  • Dahmane — (eigentlich Dahmane Benanteur, * 1959 in Paris) ist ein Fotograf, der für seine kunstvollen Aktbilder bekannt ist, die auch in den Hardcore Bereich vordringen. Seine Fotos werden mittlerweile weltweit veröffentlicht. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben 2… …   Deutsch Wikipedia