Book: Angel Fernandez «Fashion Print Design: From Idea to Final Print»

Fashion Print Design: From Idea to Final Print

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This book covers the complete process of making fashion prints from the design of the prints to the final product on a garment. The book is divided into two parts: one devoted to the creative process of developing a design and the second focused on the technical aspects of producing the design. The book discusses not only the various systems for producing prints but also the problems and practicalities of printing on a wide variety of different fibres as well as the problems inherent in the use of various colours. The book also contains a large gallery of different types of prints classified by themes in accordance with the latest trends in fashion.

Издательство: "A&C Black" (2010)

ISBN: 978-1-4081-2489-5

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Fashion Print Design: From Idea to Final PrintThis book covers the complete process of making fashion prints from the design of the prints to the final product on a garment. The book is divided into two parts: one devoted to the creative process… — C Black, Подробнее...20103036бумажная книга

Ángel Fernández

Football player infobox
playername = Ángel Fernández

fullname = Ángel Oswaldo Fernández
height = height|m=1.72
nickname =
dateofbirth = birth date and age|1971|8|2
cityofbirth = Machala
countryofbirth = Ecuador
currentclub =
clubnumber =
position = Striker
youthyears =
youthclubs =
years = 1990
clubs = River Plate Ríos
Green Cross Manta
El Nacional
Barcelona SC
El Nacional
caps(goals) = -
279 (71)
188 (29)
33 (1)
10 (0)
nationalyears = 1991-2004
nationalteam = Ecuador
nationalcaps(goals) = 77 (12)
pcupdate = April 2008

Ángel Oswaldo Fernández (born 2 August, 1971) is an Ecuadorian football player who played 77 games for the Ecuador national team between 1991 and 2004. [ [ rsssf: Ecuador record international footballers] ]

He was a participant at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and played at the Copa América 1991, [ [ rsssf: Copa América 1991] ] 1993, [ [ rsssf: Copa América 1993] ] 1997, [ [ rsssf: Copa América 1997] ] and 2001 [ [ rsssf: Copa América 2001] ] .

He played his entire club career in Ecuador, his main clubs were Emelec and Nacional Quito.



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* [ Career details] at National Football Teams

Источник: Ángel Fernández

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