Book: Heather Amery «Farmyard Tales ABC 52 Flashcards»

Farmyard Tales ABC 52 Flashcards

Серия: "-"

Издательство: "Usborne" (2002)

ISBN: 978-0-7460-5259-4

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Farmyard Tales ABC flashcardsОт издателя:- 52 bright and entertaining cards to encourage children to learn the letters of the alphabet and read their first words.- Each card features a letter on one side, with a simple word and… — (формат: 85х130 мм, 52карточки стр.) Подробнее...2005
213бумажная книга
Amery HeatherFarmyard - ABC flashcards (52 cards)Farmyard tales Flashcards are a great way to help children learn the letters of the alphabet, reading their first words and numbers and counting. FYt Alphabet Flashcards FYt First French Flashcards… — Usborne, (формат: 85х130 мм, 52карточки стр.) Farmyard Tales Подробнее...2018
606бумажная книга

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