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Know-How. The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don't

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The new grand theory of leadership by Ram Charan... The breakthrough book that links know-how—the skills of people who know what they are doing — with the personal and psychological traits of the successful leader. How often have you heard someone with a commanding presence deliver a bold vision that turned out to be nothing more than rhetoric and hot air? All too often we mistake the appearance of leadership for the real deal. Without a doubt, intelligence, vision, and the ability to communicate are important. But something big is missing: the know-how of running a business — the capacity to take it in the right direction, do the right things, make the right decisions, deliverresults, and leave the people and the business better off than they were before. For well over four decades, Ram Charan has been learning in the most visceral way the underlying reasons why leaders succeed and fail. As one of the most influential advisers to top management teams of leading companies around the world, he has had a front-row seat to observe the cause and effect of leadership practices and behaviors. Ram Charan’s insight into the real content of leadership provides you with the eight fundamental skills needed for success in the twenty-first century: • Positioning (and, when necessary, repositioning) your business by zeroing in on the central idea that meets customer needs and makes money • Connecting the dots by pinpointing patterns of external change ahead of others• Shaping the way people work together by leading the social system of your business • Judging people by getting to the truth of a person • Molding high-energy, high-powered, high-ego people into a working team of leaders in which they equal more than the sum of their parts • Knowing the destination where you want to take your business by developing goals that balance what the business can become with what it can realistically achieve• Setting laser-sharp priorities that become the road map for meeting your goals • Dealing creatively and positively with societal pressures that go beyond the economic value creation activities of your business "Know-How" is the missing link of leadership. By showing how the eight know-hows link to, interact with, and reinforce personal and psychological traits, Ram Charan provides a holistic and innovative portrait of successful leaders of the twenty-first century.

Издательство: "Random House, Inc." (2007)

ISBN: 978-0-307-34151-8

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Ram Charan

Ram Charan (born Ramcharan in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh, India) is a business consultant, speaker, and writer.

Charan worked in his family's shoe shop in northern India while growing up. He earned a degree in engineering from Banaras Hindu University and later studied at Harvard Business School, where he was awarded an MBA (1965) and a doctorate (1967). Before becoming a full-time consultant in 1978, he taught at the Harvard Business School, the Kellogg School of Management, and Boston University. [ Man of Mystery] , Jennifer Reingold, "Fast Company", #78 (February 2004), p. 78 ff.]

Charan has consulted for many well-known companies such as GE, KLM, and Bank of America. He is the author of various popular books on business, including "Boards That Deliver", "What The CEO Wants You To Know", "Boards At Work", "Every Business Is A Growth Business" (with Noel Tichy), "Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business", "Confronting Reality",Know How and " Execution" (with Larry Bossidy and Charles Burck), which was a best-seller.

Ram is a workaholic. He is not married and has no children. At age 67, he recently purchased his first apartment in Dallas, TX. Before this purchase, he did not have a home and spent every night in a hotel room or at an associate's residence. Regardless of his location, his assistants in Dallas send him new clothes via courier and he returns his dirty laundry to them. [ The strange existence of Ram Charan] , David Whitford, "Fortune", April 24, 2007; accessed online May 3, 2007.]

Charan was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources in 2000 and named a Distinguished Fellow in 2005. He is also a director of Austin Industries.


Ram also studied in Australia, working at the Australian Gas Light Co. under the direction of Roy J Maher BEng, Head of Research & Development. Ram was mentored by Roy and guided towards Harvard and a critical thinking path. Both Ram & Roy had a deep interest in business and wider studies.


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