Book: Gaston Leroux «Penguin Readers 5: The Phantom of the Opera»

Penguin Readers 5: The Phantom of the Opera

Серия: "Penguin Readers 5"

There is a climate of secrecy and fear at the Paris Opera. People are dying and a beautiful, talented young singer has disappeared. Is this the work of the Opera ghost? Is the ghost a man or a monster? And what else will he do to get what he wants?

Издательство: "Pearson Education (Longman)" (2008)

ISBN: 978-1-4058-6515-9

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Gaston Leroux

Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux (6 May, 1868, Paris, France – 15 April, 1927) was a French journalist and author of detective fiction.

In the English-speaking world, he is best known for writing the novel "The Phantom of the Opera" ("Le Fantôme de l'Opéra", 1910), which has been made into several film and stage productions of the same name, such as the 1925 film starring Lon Chaney; and Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1986 musical. It was also the basis of the 1990 novel "Phantom" by Susan Kay.

Leroux went to school in Normandy and studied law in Paris, graduating in 1889. He inherited millions of francs and lived wildly until he nearly reached bankruptcy. Then in 1890, he began working as a court reporter and theater critic for L'Écho de Paris. His most important journalism came when he began working as an international correspondent for the Paris newspaper "Le Matin". In 1905 he was present at and covered the Russian Revolution. Another case he was present at involved the investigation and deep coverage of an opera house in Paris, later to become a ballet house. The basement consisted of a cell that held prisoners in the Paris Commune, which were the rulers of Paris through much of the Franco-Prussian war.

He suddenly left journalism in 1907, and began writing fiction. In 1909, he and Arthur Bernède formed their own film company, Société des Cinéromans to simultaneously publish novels and turn them into films. He first wrote a mystery novel entitled "Le mystère de la chambre jaune" (1908; The Mystery of the Yellow Room), starring the amateur detective Joseph Rouletabille. Leroux's contribution to French detective fiction is considered a parallel to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's in the United Kingdom and Edgar Allan Poe's in America. Leroux died in Nice on April 15, 1927, of a urinary tract infection. ["Gaston Leroux." The Literature Network. 12 May 2008.]

Leroux's novels

French Titles

The Adventures of Joseph Rouletabille
*1907- Le mystère de la chambre jaune.
*1908- Le parfum de la dame en noir.
*1912- Rouletabille chez le tsar.
*1914- Le château noir.
*1914- Les étranges noces de Rouletabille.
*1917- Rouletabille chez Krupp.
*1921- Le crime de Rouletabille.
*1922- Rouletabille chez les Bohémiens.

Adventures of Chéri-Bibi
*1913- Chéri-bibi.
*1913- Chéri-Bibi et Cécily.
*1919- La nouvelle aurore : Palas et Chéri-Bibi & Fatalitas !.
*1925- Le coup d' état de Chéri-Bibi.

Other novels
*1897- Le petit marchand de romme de terre frites.
*1897- Un homme dans la nuit.
*1902- Les trois souhaits
*1902- Une petite tête.
*1903- La double vie de Théophraste Longuet.
*1908- Le roi mystère.
*1908- L'homme qui a vu le diable.
*1909- Le lys.
*1909- Le fauteuil hanté.
*1910- La reine de Sabbat.
*1910- Le fantôme de l' Opéra.
*1911- Balaoo.
*1911- Le dîner des bustes.
*1912- La hache d'or.
*1912- L' épouse du soleil.
*1913- Première aventures de chéri-Bibi.
*1916- La colonne infernale.
*1916- Confitou.
*1916- L' homme qui revient de loin.
*1917- Le capitaine Hyx - La bataille invisible.
*1920- Le coeur cambriolé.
*1921- Le sept de trèfle.
*1923- La poupée sanglante - La machine à assassiner.
*1924- Le Noël du petit Vincent-Vincent.
*1924- Not'olympe.
*1924- Les ténébreuses : La fin d'un monde & du sang sur la Néva.
*1924- Hardis-Gras ou le fils des trois pères.
*1924- La coquette punie ou la farouche aventure.
*1924- La femme au collier de velours.
*1925- La mansarde en or.
*1926- Les Mohicans de Babel.
*1927- Les chasseurs de danses.
*1927- Mister Flow.
*1990- Pouloulou. (Found by Leroux's granddaughter in the attic.)

English Titles

The Adventures of Joseph Rouletabille
*"The Mystery of the Yellow Room" (1908)
*"The Perfume of the Lady in Black" (1909)
*"The Secret of the Night" (1914)
*"The Sleuth Hound" aka "The Octopus of Paris" (1926)

Adventures of Chéri-Bibi
*"Cheri-Bibi and Cecily" aka "Missing Men" (1923)
*"The Veiled Prisoner" (1923)
*"Wolves of the Sea" aka "The Floating Prison"
*"The Dark Road" (1924)
*"Nomads of the Night" aka "The Dancing Girl" (1925)
*"The New Idol" (1928)

Independent works
*"The Double Life" (1904) aka "The Man with the Black Feather" (1912)
*"The Bride of the Sun" (1915)
*"The Man Who Came Back From the Dead" (1916)
*"The Phantom of the Opera" (1911)
*"Balaoo" (1913)
*"The Haunted Chair" (1922)
*"The Kiss that Killed" (1924)
*"The Machine to Kill" (1924)
*"The Adventures of a Coquette" (1926)
*"The Man of a Houndred Faces" aka "Mister Flow" (1930)
*"Lady Helena"
*"The Vase of Camelry" (1922)


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Источник: Gaston Leroux

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