Book: Lien Gellynck «Body of Flowers»

Body of Flowers

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Florist Lien Gellynck creates a magic world of her own in which human beauty and the beauty of nature harmonise in a lyrical way. Her photographs are striking for the inventiveness of their composition and the subtle dialogue between floral art, body art and photography. Her subjects are human figures and flowers. Lien Gellynck works with unknown models, people she meets in her daily life. She has an eye for their physical beauty, adorns them with flowers and body painting, and integrates them into poetic, symbolic and often surprising images. Her compositions are sophisticated snapshots in which she visualises various stages of the life cycle. In this way, she creates her own universe in which flowers and people evoke a sensual aura and suggest authentic emotions thanks to the power of her imagination. 260col

Издательство: "ACC Distribution" (2007)

ISBN: 978-90-209-6567-4

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