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From the author of“The Last Tsar”, the first full-scale life of Stalin to have what no previous biography has entirely gotten hold of: the facts. Granted privileged access to Russia's secret archives, Edvard Radzinsky paints a picture of the Soviet strongman as more calculating, ruthless, and blood-crazed than has ever been described or imagined. Stalin was a man for whom power was all, terror a useful weapon, and deceit a constant companion. As Radzinsky narrates the high drama of Stalin's epic quest for domination-first within the Communist Party, then over the Soviet Union and the world-he uncovers the startling truth about this most enigmatic of historical figures. Only now, in the post-Soviet era, can what was suppressed be told: Stalin's long-denied involvement with terrorism as a young revolutionary; the crucial importance of his misunderstood, behind-the-scenes role during the October Revolution; his often hostile relationship with Lenin; the details of his organization of terror, culminating in the infamous show trials of the 1930s; his secret dealings with Hitler, and how they backfired; and the horrifying plans he was making before his death to send the Soviet Union's Jews to concentration camps-tantamount to a potential second Holocaust. Radzinsky also takes an intimate look at Stalin's private life, marked by his turbulent relationship with his wife Nadezhda, and recreates the circumstances that led to her suicide. As he did in“The Last Tsar”, Radzinsky thrillingly brings the past to life. The Kremlin intrigues, the ceaseless round of double-dealing and back-stabbing, the private worlds of the Soviet Empire's ruling class-all become, in Radzinsky's hands, as gripping and powerful as the great Russian sagas. And the riddle of that most cold-blooded of leaders, a man for whom nothing was sacred in his pursuit of absolute might - and perhaps the greatest mass murderer in Western history - is solved.

Издательство: "Random House, Inc." (1997)

ISBN: 978-0-385-47954-7

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The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Nicholas IIRussian playwright and historian Radzinsky mines sources never before available to create a fascinating portrait of the monarch, and a minute-by-minute account of his terrifying last days… — Random House, Inc., Подробнее...19933776бумажная книга
Stalin (изд. 1997 г. )From the author of The Last Tsar, the first full-scale life of Stalin to have what no previous biography has entirely gotten hold of: the facts. Granted privileged access to Russia`s secret archives… — Random House, Inc., Подробнее...19971754бумажная книга

Edvard Radzinsky

Edvard Radzinsky ( _ru. Эдвард Станиславович Радзинский) (b. September 29, 1936, Moscow) is a Russian writer, historian and TV personality, author of numerous plays and film scenarios. Radzinsky is also a Rurikid prince as the scion of one of the oldest houses of Russian nobility.

Since 1990s, Radzinsky has been writing books in the series "Mysteries of History" ("Загадки истории"). He is the author of the book "Stalin: The First In-Depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents From Russia's Secret Archives", which makes several original assertions about the struggle for power in the Kremlin. For example, he conjectures that there was a fuller text of Lenin's Testament, which is reflected in the posthumously published recollections of an émigré in New York. He described how and for what reason Stalin was killed by associates of Lavrentiy Beria, based on the interviews of former Stalin's body guards and other evidence. He also supported the idea of Viktor Suvorov that Stalin planned to use Nazi Germany as a proxy (the "Icebreaker") against the West and then "liberate" Europe from Nazi occupation.

His books


*"Stalin: The First In-depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents from Russia's Secret Archives", Anchor, (1997) ISBN 0-385-47954-9
*"The Last Tsar : The Life and Death of Nicholas II", 1993, Anchor, ISBN 0-385-46962-4, (2005) ISBN 0-7432-7332-X
*"Alexander II: The Last Great Tsar" (2005) ISBN 0-7432-7332-X
*"Tsar : The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra" ISBN 0-316-55788-9
*"The Rasputin File" (2001, Anchor, USA) ISBN 0-385-48910-2
*"Rasputin: The Last Word" (2001, Allen & Unwin , Australia) ISBN 1-86508-529-4


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Источник: Edvard Radzinsky

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