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Business Result: Elementary: Teacher's Book (+ 2 DVD-ROM)

The Business Result Teacher's Book now includes NEW Class Video on DVD with downloadable worksheets, as well as a Teacher-Training DVD. Shows dramatized business scenarios, documentaries, vox-pops, and interviews with experts Has a downloadable DVD worksheet for each clip, ready to print off and use in class Provides listening and speaking skills practice from real-life scenarios The Teacher-Training DVD: Shows how Business Result works in the classroom, and provides tips on teaching business English Has teacher, student, and author commentary Includes teaching notes, ideas, and extra activities, as well as background information on all unit topics For additional teacher support, go to www. oup. com/elt/teacher/busresult Business Result online Track and analyse your students' progress with the content from the Interactive Workbook also available online. Available via the access card in the Student's Book.

Издательство: "Oxford University Press" (2013)

Формат: 210x275, 112 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-19-473942-9

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John Hughes

John Hughes is the name of:
*John Hughes (archbishop) (1797-1864), American Roman Catholic


*John Hughes (businessman) (1814-1889), Welsh businessman, developer in Ukraine
*John Hughes (motor dealer), Australian businessman


*John Hughes (film director) (born 1950), American film director, writer, and producer
*John Hughes (Irish musician), (born 1950) Irish musician and manager of The Corrs


*John Hughes (ice hockey), (born 1954) Canadian ice hockey player
*John Hughes (footballer born 1964) retired footballer & manager of Falkirk F.C.
*John Hughes (footballer born 1943) retired footballer - Celtic F.C.
*John Hughes (Canadian soccer), former Canadian international


*John Ceiriog Hughes (1832-1887), Welsh poet
*John Hughes (poet), (1677-1720) English poet
*John Hughes (writer) (born 1961), an Australian writer and essayist


John Hughes (editor) served as editor of the Deseret News and an advisor to Boutros Boutros-Ghali.


*John Chambers Hughes (1891-1971) United States diplomat; ambassador to NATO
*John Hughes (British diplomat) (born 1947), a British diplomat and current Ambassador to Argentina
*John Hughes (English politician) (born 1925), Member of Parliament


*John Hughes (computer scientist), academic & writer on functional programming
*John Hughes (scientist), British scientist who won the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research

Источник: John Hughes

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