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Risk Assessment

Серия: "Torchwood"

"Are you trying to tell me, Captain Harkness, that the entire staff of Torchwood Cardiff now consists of yourself, a woman in trousers and a tea boy?" Agnes Havisham is awake, and Jack is worried (and not a little afraid). The Torchwood Assessor is roused from her deep sleep in only the worst of times - it's happened just four times in the last 100 years. Can the situation really be so bad? Someone, somewhere, is fighting a war, and they're losing badly. The coffins of the dead are coming through the Rift. With thousands of alien bodies floating in the Bristol Channel, it's down to Torchwood to round them all up before a lethal plague breaks out.

Издательство: "BBC Books" (2009)

Формат: 130x205, 256 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-846-07783-8

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James Goss

James Goss may refer to:

*James Goss (producer) (born 1974), British television producer
*James H. Goss (1820-1886), American politician

Источник: James Goss

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